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Nutrition of dairy animals which means what you feed them, is very important for making profits in dairy farming. Lots of dairy farms shut down because they do not have the knowledge about nutrition. The maximum expense in a dairy farm happens towards feed and fodder without getting the desired output.

In terms of management practices in a dairy farm, formulating the diet and providing the right quantity and quality of feed and fodder are the most important. Even if you have 2-3 animals, you need to take care of your dairy farm like a professional business. If you have large number of animals and are providing the same feed and fodder to heifers and animals in different stages of lactation, you may face difficulties in generating good profits. At times, over feeding also leads to a number of diseases in dairy animals.

Dairy farming involves know-how of various subjects and feed and fodder or nutrition is one of the most important subjects that you have to understand. Sudden changes in the diet of animals causes harm to the good bacteria in their stomach or rumen which affects their milk production capabilities.

What you feed your dairy animals will determine how much milk they produce. Secondly whether your animals will stay healthy or fall sick often will also vary depending what you feed them. It will also determine whether they breed and reproduce efficiently and most importantly whether you make profits or losses in your dairy farm.

Keeping the regional differences of fodder cultivation in mind we have created this video based online course on "Nutrition for Dairy Animals". Our panel of experts include some of the best minds in the field of animal nutrition. Learn the basics of scientific feeding practices from the experts.

Meet your Instructors

Dr. Tej Krishan Walli

Dr. Tej Krishan Walli is a renowned dairy nutrition expert who has over 40 years of teaching and research experience. He is a post graduate and has a doctorate in nutrition of dairy animals from National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI), Karnal, where he served at various levels of scientific posts, including the Principal Scientist and head of the division.

Under the Indo-Dutch Fellowship he carried out research at Rowett Research Institute, Aberdeen, Scotland, and also worked at International Agricultural University, Wagningen, The Netherlands. Dr. Walli spent a large part of his research pursuits in finding out the relevance of bypass protein technology under Indian conditions, with respect to growth, re-production and milk production. Dr. Walli has around 200 plus research and other publications to his credit, published in national and international journals. For his contribution to the field of dairy nutrition he has received several awards and accolades.

Dr. Dinesh Tukaram Bhosale

Dr. Dinesh Tukaram Bhosale has been a key industry professional involved in helping youth and women self help groups develop animal husbandy as a source of livelihood. He has over 22 years of experience in the field of animal husbandry. A BVSc & AH, MVSc, he also has a doctorate in animal nutrition from Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI), Bareilly, UP.

As a senior industry professional he has delivered numerous lectures during key industry conferences and scientific seminars organized by the Government and top veterinary colleges and ICAR institutes. He is a member of several reputed national level industry boards and has extensive on-ground experience. As a part of his continuous efforts to develop rural entrepreneurship, he has delivered more than 1000 lectures to dairy farmers in various seminars all across India.

What will you learn in this course on dairy farming?

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How can this course help you?

Since feed and fodder account for the major expenses in your dairy farm this course will help you reduce your costs on feed and fodder. Different animals of varied age groups and milk production capability have different feed requirements. When you learn how to feed them based on their requirements then your costs on feed and fodder will be optimized. This course will teach you how to feed dairy animals based on various important parameters considering the regional differences in fodder availability.

After going through this course you will learn about what kind of nutrients are required by dairy animals to improve their health and milk production. If you are of the opinion that feeding more will give you these results then you will be surprised to know that this can in fact cause harm to dairy animals.

This course will give you a good understanding on the basics of how a diet or ration is formulated for dairy animals. Dry matter content of fodder is one of the most important factors that is required for deciding the type of fodder. You will learn how to find out the dry matter of fodder in your dairy farm and other such techniques.

You will get to learn the practical aspects of latest technologies in animal nutrition through this course. To improve milk yield of your dairy animals, this course will help you with concepts like bypass fat and bypass protein. Whether your dairy farm is located in a place with water scarcity or otherwise, you will get to learn how to feed your dairy animals through techniques such as hydroponics, azolla etc.

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Course Curriculum

Right Feed and Fodder in dairy farms increase profits. Learn from experts in dairy farming

After Completing this Basic Course on "Nutrition for Dairy Animals" you should be able to:

Reduce expenses in dairy farming

Reduce expenses on feed and fodder if they are high

Measure weight of animals in your dairy farm. Become profitable in dairy farming

Measure weight of animal

Finding dry matter in feed and fodder helps in increasing profits in dairy farming

Find out the dry matter of feed and fodder

Good quality of feed in your dairy farm will improve health and give profits in dairy farming

Improve the quality of feed and fodder for your dairy animals

In dairy farming you dont always need to grow fodder in your dairy farm

Decide whether to grow or buy fodder

improve milk production in your dairy farm by providing good fodder

Improve the health and milk production of your animals

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course on dairy farming start and finish?
The course starts when you enroll and ends after one year! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish within this period.
How long do I have access to the course?
One year. After enrolling, you have access to this course and support for one year - across any and all devices you own.
Can I interact with the instructor ?
We would want you to make the best out of this course. You can always interact with the instructor through the comments section after each video. The instructor will respond to all your queries on the course.
What if I have other queries on dairy farming?
As a course user, you will always have our support at all times. You can write to us at [email protected] for any query that you may have. We will respond to you at the earliest possible.
For whom is this course applicable ? Do I need some qualifications to get this course?
This course is intended to benefit dairy farmers, students, professionals, entrepreneurs who want to set up new dairy farms or improve their existing dairy farms. Our technology platform can be used by institutions such as NGOs, companies and others for large scale training and development. You don't need to have any qualifications to be eligible for this online course. In fact our video based courses are designed with such simplicity that any person can learn and implement scientific processes in the farm.