Dr. Milind Keshav Kulkarni

Dr. Kulkarni is a BVsc. and AH professional with over 37 years of practical experience in the field of veterinary science and animal husbandry. He finds mention in the prestigious India Book of Records 2019, as the being from the “Family with Most Generations of Veterinary Doctors”. Four continuous generations of his family have been working as veterinary doctors from the year 1918 to 2918.

He has wide experience and expertise in managing diseases and health problems of dairy animals. Having worked as a Livestock Development Officer in several veterinary polyclinics, he has treated thousands of animals over the years. As Assistant Commissioner of Animal Husbandry department with the government of Maharashtra, India, he has gained deep insights and helped farmers solve the practical problems that are associated with dairy farming.

Dr. Dayaram. S Suryawanshi

Dr. Dayaram is a BVSc & AH professional and MVSc in Pathology from Bombay Veterinary College, Mumbai. He has a doctorate in Veterinary Pharmacovigillance with 22 years of work experience. Decorated with several awards as a teacher in Bombay Veterinary College, he spent over 8 years teaching budding veterinary doctors and post graduates. As Director of Omega Laboratories, he has examined more than 2,50,000 blood samples and conducted over 13500 postmortem examinations of domestic animals. Over the past 14 years, he has also conducted numerous clinical and efficacy trials of veterinary products and nutraceutricals. He has over 176 publications to his credit with 15 of them being international publications. A recipient of numerous prestigious awards, Dr. Suryawanshi is also the founder member and president of Association of Veterinary Pathology Laboratories, Maharashtra, India.

Dr. Tejkrishan Walli

Dr. Walli is a renowned dairy nutrition expert who has over 40 years of teaching and research experience. He is a post graduate and has a doctorate in nutrition of Dairy Animals from National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI), Karnal, where he served at various levels of scientific posts, including the Principal Scientist and Head of the Division.

Under the Indo-Dutch Fellowship he carried out research at Rowett Research Institute, Aberdeen, Scotland, and also worked at International Agricultural University, Wagningen, The Netherlands. Dr. Walli spent a large part of his research pursuits in finding out the relevance of bypass protein technology under Indian conditions, with respect to growth, re-production and milk production. Dr. Walli has around 200 plus research and other publications to his credit, published in national and international journals. For his contribution to the field of dairy nutrition he has received several awards and accolades.

Dr. Manisha Dinesh Bhosale

Dr. Manisha has over ten years of teaching experience for MBA and MCA students. She is a B.Sc., B.Ed., MCM, MBA & Phd. She obtained her doctorate from Symbiosis International University, Pune. As an accomplished management professional working in the animal husbandry industry she started the Livestock Institute for Knowledge and Excellence (LIKE) which is an interactive training platform for companies working in Indian livestock sector. She has conducted various training programs all over India on different subjects like Feed mill process loss, sales team training for feed mills. To promote awareness of fodder cultivation, she has conducted “Fodder Yatra” in five different states.

She is dedicated towards improving the livelihoods of farmers and providing meaningful employment to the rural youth. Currently, she is helping Swades Foundation and People Empowerment Movement to promote small scale poultry, goat and dairy farming. She also works actively with Society for Wildlife Conservation, Education and Research (Wild-CER) for environment and wildlife conservation.


Dr. Ramachandra is a renowned animal nutritionist with vast experience as a researcher, planner and policy implementation expert. He did his post-graduation in animal husbandry from Allahabad Agricultural Institute and holds doctorate degree in Animal Nutrition from the National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI), Karnal. He has worked as a scientist with ICAR at Indian Grassland and Fodder research Institute and in the National Institute of Animal Nutrition and Physiology. He has held several important positions and has contributed significantly in the discipline of animal nutrition, especially in the area of livestock feed resources. As a Technical Expert in the rank of Additional Secretary to Government of India, he has advised Central Ministries and State governments for integrated and holistic development in rainfed areas of the country, especially for dairy and animal husbandry development. As an Executive Member of Indian Dairy Association, he has made significant contribution to growth and development of Indian Dairy sector.

Dr. Atul Subhash Phule

Dr. Phule has over 20 years of rich experience as a practitioner providing animal husbandry health services to farmers. He is BVSc & A.H., from College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Parbhani. As a practitioner working directly with the farmers he has wide experience in understanding and resolving breeding and reproductive problems of dairy animals. Over the years he has been involved in providing animal husbandry breeding and health services particularly Artificial Insemination, clinical services and vaccination programmes. He has led the collection of livestock related data from farms for several projects and led the implementation of progeny testing softwares.

Bridging the gap between academics and practice Dr. Phule has been aiding a large number of students and livestock technicians by upgrading their skills in artificial insemination and in managing fertility problems. He has also worked with reputed organizations in the livestock sector & trained numerous animal health professionals and farmers over the years.

Lt. Col. Dr. Harish Tiwari

Dr. Harish is a veterinary epidemiologist dedicated to providing evidence-based solutions to control and eradicate animal diseases. He is  passionately committed to bring rural empowerment by providing cutting edge knowhow to the farmers engaged in animal husbandry. He is a BVSc from Assam, MVSc from Punjab and  a Phd in Veterinary Epidemiology from Murdoch University, Australia. He has worked in Indian Army for over 16 years in the field of treatment and management of army animals.

He has worked extensively with village dairy cooperative societies and dairy farmers in India. He was a consultant epidemiologist to the government of New Zealand, and some reputed institutions in Australia. As a research fellow he has authored  20 publications and led study designs, data analysis, reviews and statistical modelling related to large scale rabies control projects.

Dr. Shailesh Shamrao Madane

Dr. Shailesh is a B.V.Sc. & A. H. professional who graduated from Bombay Veterinary College, Mumbai. He has over ten years of rich experience and is a renowned dairy farm consultant. He has helped numerous farmers set farms that produce clean, residue free milk. With a razor sharp focus on welfare of dairy animals, he has helped farmers set up profitable and sustainable farms. He has also trained thousands of farmers and helped them resolve several pressing problems.

He also provides consultancy to some of the most reputed companies in the livestock sector. As a winner of GRMF award he has studied in quality milk production services laboratory for 3 months at Cornell University, New York, USA. He has also worked as an extension expert of the animal husbandry department of Maharashtra.

Dr. Dinesh Tukaram Bhosale

Dr. Bhosale has been a key industry professional involved in helping youth and women self help groups develop animal husbandy as a source of livelihood. He has over 22 years of experience in the field of animal husbandry. A BVSc & AH, MVSc, he also has a doctorate in animal nutrition from Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI), Izatnagar, UP.

As a senior industry professional he has delivered numerous lectures during key industry conferences and scientific seminars organized by the Government and top veterinary colleges and ICAR institutes. He is a member of several reputed national level industry boards and has extensive on-ground experience. As a part of his continuous efforts to develop rural entrepreneurship, he has delivered more than 1000 lectures to farmers in various seminars all across India.