How to use innovative packaging to increase shelf life of Paneer

Paneer packaging technologies and materials play a crucial role in preserving the freshness, quality, and safety of this popular dairy product. From vacuum packaging to aseptic packaging, each technology offers unique benefits in extending shelf life and maintaining sensory attributes. 


How to start a milk processing and dairy products business

With the right knowledge, determination, and strategic planning, you can establish a successful dairy processing venture that not only benefits your pocket but also the local dairy farmers and consumers. Establishing a milk processing plant in India is not only a profitable venture but also a significant contribution to the nation's economy.


Top 5 mistakes to avoid in dairy farming

To stay ahead in the dairy business one must avoid the mistakes that others commit. There are common mistakes which when avoided improve the health of dairy animals and improve the profits in dairy farms.


What is dairy farming, how to set up and is it profitable?

Dairy farming has been a source of sustainable income for farmers in developing countries. Many people have started the business with one or two animals and have generated substantial profits. Like any other business, the extent of success in dairy farming depends on whether animals are reared scientifically, how costs on the farm are managed and at what price one sells the milk.


Did you get the right kind of animals for your dairy farm?

Are you scared at the thought of going to the market and buying dairy animals? Scared that you may end up buying an animal that does not produce enough milk or may be sick? You are not the only one to feel this way. Many people pay large sums of money while buying new animals and end up dissatisfied after they get the animals to their farm.

What should you look for in a cow or buffalo while buying ? 


You must be kidding! Lab Tests for dairy animals?

For controlling diseases in your farm you have to focus on prevention of diseases. To do so, you will need to diagnose the problems early and get the veterinary doctor to treat your animals on time. Often in the early stages of any health problem it helps is you provide the correct nutrition or change your management style. These changes help in stopping the spread of the disease. Laboratory tests help you get to the root of problems in your dairy farm


Does bypass fat increase milk in dairy animals?

After a cow or buffalo gives birth, it is in a state of negative energy balance. During this time if more roughage is fed, the animal may not accept it. And even if it consumes more, it shall occupy more rumen space and directly affect feed digestibility. And if we try to give more of high energy concentrates, that shall cause a dangerous situation of Acidosis, due to more production of propionic acid in rumen. can bypass fat be considered for dairy animals duing such periods?


Breeding strategy in dairy farms to increase milk

Whether you are a dairy farmer with two cows or 500 cows, if you have a good breeding policy then it will give you many benefits and additional income. For example if you have cows that are not giving milk as per your expectation, then you can easily develop good cows in your farm that will provide you the required milk yield. You can develop a pure breed or cross breed animals. 


How to produce residue free milk in your dairy farm?

Improperly stored feeds often contain multiple mycotoxins, and they affect the health of dairy animals. A single large dose of a mycotoxin can cause an acute toxicity in cattle, but in reality the health effects on animals can be seen over time with low levels of toxin intake. Mycotoxins affect dairy cows by reducing feed intake, capacity to utlize the nutrients in feed and reducing immunity


Good manufacturing practices for dairy products

Improving dairy product quality through Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s)

Due to the lack of good quality equipments and lesser focus on quality improvement, small scale dairy processors are not able to scale up their production. Recurring product failures lead to losses and consequent reduction in incomes. Whether a dairy plant is small or large, it is essential to ensure compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations for dairy products.


Increasing Milk Production in Dairy using Amino Acids

Increasing Milk Production in Dairy Farms using Amino Acids

Amino acids are essential for dairy nutrition and milk production. They play a crucial role in the synthesis of milk proteins and the immune system. A balanced diet that meets the specific amino acid requirements of dairy animals is necessary for optimal milk production. By understanding the importance of amino acids in dairy nutrition, farmers and nutritionists can develop effective feeding strategies that improve the health and productivity of dairy animals.


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