How to Prepare Good Quality Silage for your Dairy Farm

Prepare a year's fodder in a week

What if

  • You would not have to go to the fields everyday to harvest fodder
  • Your dairy animals could get nutritious green fodder everyday
  • You could reduce your fodder costs and improve animal health
  • You would not face fodder shortage during summer months
  • You could reduce your expenses on labour
  • You could earn more profits from your dairy farm

Wouldn’t it be great if all these would come true? Well, all these wishes could come true for you too in your dairy farm, just the way it has helped numerous successful dairy farmers. When you start preparing and feeding silage to your dairy animals you will see a lot of improvements in your farm.

During summer months due to shortage of water in rainfed areas, availability of green fodder reduces. As a result, dairy farmers face shortage of green fodder and dairy animals get poor nutrition. This leads to loss in milk production immediately. The diet of animals changes suddenly when farmers have to provide fodder from other sources, . This causes damage and sometimes leads to the death of useful microflora in their rumen. Such changes can permanently reduce the milk producing ability of dairy animals.

Many people are scared that they may make mistakes while preparing silage and as a result the silage could spoil. When one learns all aspects of silage making from experts with proven credentials, they become successful. At Teplu we believe in giving complete information on all aspects of scientific dairy farming through top experts and research institutions so that you are successful.

We have prepared this first of its kind, complete course on silage making that will guide you in a step by step method in your dairy farm. We are offering you this course FREE. You can interact with our experts and clarify your doubts by typing your questions and concerns in the comment section of the course. This course has been used by hundreds of farmers for successfully preparing silage for their dairy farms as well as for commercial purposes. Happy Learning.

Meet your instructors


Learn everything on silage making for dairy farming. Expert at Teplu Dr Shailesh
Dr Shailesh Shamrao Madane is a B.V.Sc. & A. H. professional. He is a Dairy farm consultant. He is a winner of GRMF award and has studied in quality milk production services laboratory for 3 months at Cornell University, New York, USA. He has also worked as an extension expert of the animal husbandry department of Maharashtra and has helped set up several dairy farms successfully.

Expert in dairy farm medicine Dr Santosh at Teplu. Learn dairy farming from experts with proven credentials

Dr. Santosh Wakchaure has extensive and rich experience in dairy farming and animal science. He is a post graduate in Animal Pathology from Mumbai Veterinary College. He has been conferred three Gold Medals during his graduation BVSc & AH, in the fields of animal nutrition, animal medicine and animal gynaecology & obstrectics.

Meet a dairy farm specialist. Anil Kanawade is a dairy farmer and scientifically manages his dairy farm

Shri Anil Kanawade is a progressive dairy farmer in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra from a small village called Nimgaon Paga. With the help off modern agri & dairy inputs and professional approach, he could expand his farm from 6 acres to 30 acres in a short span of time. In his farm, dairy animals are kept under loose housing system and he cultivates modern fodder crops. His fodder management includes silage, azolla, hydroponic production and urea treatment of dry fodder.

Learn nutrition in dairy farming from expert - Dr Ashok at Teplu

Dr. Ashok Dhindale is a post graduate in animal nutrition and feed technology from National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal Haryana. He has extensive knowledge in dairy farming. He is currently working as Livestock development Officer in Maharashtra.

What will you learn from this course on silage making for dairy farms ?

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course on silage making for dairy farming start and finish?
The course on silage making for dairy farms starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course - across any and all devices you own. We are offering this course free of cost to you.
What if I have questions about the course?
We would would be happy to answer all your queries. Just post them on the comments section of any lecture and we will get back to you. If you still have queries then feel free to send us a message by whatsapp on +919819510665 (calls will not be answered on this number). Thank you

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