Get a dairy farm design that suits your need

Using the services of our experts you can now get a customized farm design. Starting a new farm or expanding an existing farm has never been easier.

Dairy farm designs at Teplu are created by using our cumulative knowledge and experience of designing and managing hundreds of successful dairy farms.

We offer designs that can be constructed at low costs. They deliver high efficiency. Our designs make it comfortable for dairy animals and lower your labor requirements. With our designs, you can be sure that you have made a good scientific beginning.

Upto 10 Animals

INR 1999

11 to 20 Animals

INR 2999

21 to 50 Animals

INR 3999

51 to 100 Animals

INR 5999

101 to 200 Animals

INR 7999

200 to 500 Animals

INR 14999