Customized Housing Design for a Large Dairy Farm (201 to 500 animals)

Get the most suitable farm design to make your animals happy and productive

Get a perfectly tailored design for starting a new dairy farm or expanding your existing dairy farm. Our experts create specially made farm designs considering the weather conditions in your area, the type of animals and the size of land.

Being associated with a large number of successful dairy farms we understand what kind of housing structure is needed to make animals comfortable and productive. Housing designs play an important role in reducing your labor costs and reducing the incidence of diseases in your farm. Teplu helps you build and profitably manage the dairy farm of your dreams.


(Required number of calves and heifers will be added by experts)

How to order the design?

1. Please provide your requirements in the form given below

2. Make Payment of Rs 14999

You Get

Call from our expert to understand your requirement (within 24 hours)

Design in 5 working days delivered by e-mail and whatsapp.

Two video calls with expert included in the plan.

One revision included

Want to know about different kinds of housing designs that successful dairy farmers have?

CLICK HERE to view our online course on "Housing designs for Dairy Animals

View a Sample Farm Design. CLICK HERE

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