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At Teplu we have created the perfect course on manufacturing dairy products. 13 kinds of dairy products are covered in this course. Whether you are a dairy plant owner, caterer, dairy farmer or housewife / working woman, you will be able to make your own dairy products. Teplu brings to you a one of its kind course on "Troubleshooting in dairy products" which will help you start your own manufacturing plant or solve your problems if you are already manufacturing dairy products.

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What will you learn in the course?

Starting and Managing a Dairy Profitably (S.W.O.T Analysis): When you do the SWOT analysis of your dairy it will help you in understanding whether you have the resources with you to compete with other dairy product manufacturers. Learn about the unique challenges in the dairy industry through this course and get a solid understanding of how to position yourself successfully.

Dudhology- Indian Dairy & the Science of Milk: In this course you will learn about the constituents of milk and what roles they play in making a good quality product. Different kinds of milk are required for different dairy products. You will learn about various essential processes such as boiling, fermentation, homogenization, pasteurization and sterilization of milk in this course.

Troubleshooting In Acid Coagulated Dairy Products- Paneer, Channa, Whey: Paneer, Channa, and Whey are obtained through different coagulation processes. Several traditional sweets such as rasgulla, sandesh, etc are prepared from channa. Many times it’s possible to go wrong while making these acid-coagulated products. That's where our lectures come in handy which focus completely on solving the problems faced in the manufacture of these products.

Troubleshooting in Fermented Dairy Products- Dahi, Lassi, Chhas, Shrikhand, Piyush, Kadhi: On a number of occasions, manufacturers find their products to be sour or with very low shelf life. Get solutions to such real-life problems. This course will also teach you how to manufacture your own fermented dairy products from scratch.

Troubleshooting in Desiccated Dairy Products-Khoa, Rabri, Basundi: Among the indigenous milk products, khoa occupies a prominent place as a number of sweet delicacies are prepared from it. Heat Desiccated Products include Khoa, Rabri, Basundi. Learn how to manufacture heat desiccated dairy products and their troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting in Ice-Cream & Kulfi : An ice cream maker has to simultaneously freeze the mixture while churning it so as to aerate the mixture and keep the ice crystals small (less than 50 μm). As a result, most ice creams are ready to consume immediately, otherwise, there are huge ice crystal formations on the ice cream. Learn more about how to make the perfect Ice cream and its troubleshooting from the best dairy troubleshooter in India.

Your Instructor

​Dr. Rajendra  Kokane
​Dr. Rajendra Kokane

Dr. Rajendra Kokane has over 40 years of rich experience in the field of manufacturing traditional Indian and innovative milk products. He is an M.Sc., Ph.D. in Dairy Technology and has taught graduate, postgraduate and doctoral students for over 30 years as a faculty member in Bombay Veterinary College, Mumbai. He has over 15 + years of rich industrial experience having guided some of the leading dairy product manufacturing companies in India and USA. He was a member of, IDP of Export Inspection Agency, Mumbai since 2002 and audited more than 100 dairy plants in Maharashtra for MMPO, FSSAI, and Export License over the past 13 years. A recipient of several prestigious awards, Dr. Kokane is affiliated with numerous industry associations and high-level technical committees in the dairy industry. View detailed profile

What you will learn in this course

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What will you get in this course?

  1. Video Lectures on 10 kinds of dairy products
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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course on dairy product processing starts when you enroll. It is a completely self-paced online video based course - you have lifetime access to the course videos.
How long do I have access to the course?
For Life Time . After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course and support from experts for three months- across any and all devices you own.
Can I interact with the instructors ?
We would want you to make the best out of this course and become successful in dairy product manufacturing . You can always interact with the instructor through the comments section after each video. The instructor will respond to all your queries on the course or on problems that you face in your dairy plant.
What if I have other queries?
As a course user, you will have our support at all times. You can write to us at [email protected] for any query that you may have. We will respond to you at the earliest possible.
Will I get a certificate of successful completion ?
Yes you will get a certificate course completion in "Troubleshooting in Dairy Products Online Course". After you complete all the video lectures and attend the live session you will get a certificate of completion.
For whom is this course applicable ? Do I need some qualifications to get this course?
This course is intended to benefit dairy farmers, students, caterers, sweet makers, housewives and working women who want to set up new dairy processing plant or improve their existing dairy product . You don't need to have any qualifications to be eligible for this online course. In fact our video based courses are designed with such simplicity that any person can learn and manufacture dairy products.